Fantasy Spray Tan

 Fantasy Tan Spray Tan System is the gold standard non UV tanning in the aesthetic industry. If you've watched ABC's Dancing with the Stars, then you've already seen the amazing Fantasy Tan results!  As a matter of fact, entertainers around the globe turn to Fantasy Tan for the rich, perfect-looking, safe tan.

Fantasy Tan is a custom hand air-brushed tan for the most realistic looking sunless tan. Experienced Master Estheticians at Federal Way Laser Surgeons will use various shades to contour and define your body. Because no two bodies are alike, the formula comes in five colors to compliment any skin tone.

This product provides superior results without streaking and lasts longer than other brands. Fantasy Tan lasts for seven to ten days. The beauty of Fantasy Tan is that you can have that sun bathed look without ever exposing yourself to the carcinogenic UVB rays of the sun or tanning beds.

USA Today report: Tanning beds now listed among top cancer risks.

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In the report, tanning beds are compared to mustard gas in carcinogenicity. Now there is a revolutionary alternative. Fantasy Tan is the most realistic sunless tan ever created. The application process takes about 20 minutes and then you're on your way to a beautiful, natural looking tan!