Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

Intraceuticals-The Real Oxygen Facial

The Intraceuticals skin hydrating system dramatically transforms the look and feel of your skin. Dehydration and sun damaged skin causes fine lines and wrinkles and skin aging.  Intraceuticals has a patented three step hyaluronic layering. Hyaluronics help elevate the hydration and plumping of the skin. The Intraceuticals system utilizes oxygen to help actively infuse the hyaluronic into the deeper layers of the skin. 


Hyaluronic Infusing verses Layering

All hyaluronic topical skin care products target below the epidermis. Moisturizing the skin requires the skin plumping agents to penetrate the epidermal layer rather than sitting on top of it. Even the best exfoliation can realistically place the skin moisturizer minimally below the epidermal layer. With infusion of intraceutical skin hydrating products utilizing oxygen, the product is forced below the epidermis and with the six treatments enables a layering effect of healthier skin.

Intraceuticals Treatment

The Intraceuticals treatment provides instant skin plumping with visible results. During the treatment the oxygen infusing applicator glides an oxygen bubble over the skin ensuring full application of Rejuvenate Serum, Intraceutical's advanced skin care technology serum.

 Optimum results are achieved after a series of six treatments. The Rejuvenate treatment course is unique reviving experience providing instant results you can see and feel. The rejuvenate system treatments are professionally administered and uses oxygen under pressure to facilitate the delivery of the Rejuvenate Serum to the skin.

The Real Oxygen Facial

 Do not be confused with the multitudes of oxygen therapy treatments available. At Federal Way Laser Surgeons we have the only true system that delivers hydrating skin care products layering Hyluronics in the skin with compressed oxygen . Simply having oxygen lightly sprayed over the face does not effectively deliver the product into the skin.

The true oxygen facial, Intraceuticals Rejuvenate package includes your daily use products to maximize the oxygen treatment. Intraceuticals has three different weights of hyaluronics and with oxygen under pressure provides a more effective layering of these water loving molecules leaving your skin healthier, softer and younger looking.

Complementary Skin Analysis

Our skin changes along with our health. Diet, hormones, emotional and physical variations can effect our skin health. Dry skin, acne, rosacea, and oily skin patches can be maintained and minimized with good skin care. It is important to have a qualified skin care professional evaluate your epidermis to pinpoint certain problems. At Federal Way Laser Surgeons you have the peace of mind to know that we have full time physicians, aestheticians and dermatologist available to give you the answers you are looking for regarding a healthy complexion. 

Dry Skin - A Common Problem

Dry flaky skin can make you susceptible to skin infections and a chronic visible problem. Proper skin care which includes hydrating the skin works to help heal and restore your skin to a healthy, even tone. Intraceutical Oxygen Facial System is a scientific solution to healthier hydrated skin. Traditionally in medicine oxygen therapy is used to help heal ulcers by improving blood supply to the area. Hyperbaric oxygen is used to help bring oxygen by increasing the oxygen flow to tissues to help heal chronic bone infections. This principle is behind the Intraceutical Oxygen Facial system exclusive in the Seattle area at Federal Way Laser Surgeons. Combine the oxygen facial with any of our other skin care treatments and obtain dramatic results.  Experience our natural medical grade microdermabrasion system and expedite exfoliation for a more powerful hydration with the Intraceutical Oxygen Facial.

Discount Skin Care Packages

Schedule a complimentary skin care analysis and let our professional staff assemble a rejuvenating skin care package that meets your needs. Allow Federal Way Laser Surgeons to  provide you with an affordable skin care package that includes Intraceutical Oxygen Facial, microdermabrasion and home care products. At Federal Way Laser Surgeons we work with you to provide exceptional skin care. Call today for a complimentary appointment and we will accommodate your busy schedule. Evenings and weekends are available. Just call for an appointment and mention our website to receive an additional 10% off. Beautiful healthy skin is only a call away 253-941-1144.