Laser Scar Reduction

New technologies are making it possible for scar tissue to be successfully minimized, greatly improving the skin's overall texture and appearance. Thanks to advances in laser technology, scar reduction is now a reality, and Federal Way Laser Surgeons is leading the way. We have the advanced Cynosure Affirm laser, FDA approved for all six skin types.

The Affirm laser uses two wavelengths. One for minimizing the scar and a second for stimulation of collagen production. The collagen production smoothes out the borders and fills in any irregularities. This results in smoother tighter skin and the reduction of unsightly scars.

One treatment session takes about 15 minutes. The treatment is virtually painless leaving the skin with only a hint of redness which lasts up to a day. No anesthesia is required and no down time!. And unlike other older systems, it is suitable for all skin types.

Before & After:

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