Federal Way Laser Surgeons is proud to announce the addition of the the Dermaglide® Natural Microdermabrasion system.

Microdermabrasion the NATURAL way with baking soda crystals. It's aluminum-free!

Dermaglide® microdermabrasion is the natural approach to skin care that is non-surgical, safe and effective using natural sodium bicarbonate crystals (baking soda) rather than aluminum oxide crystals.

The use of the sodium bicarbonate leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed and glowing. The bicarbonate crystals rather than the aluminum oxide can get right up to the lip line working on those fine smokers lines as well as around the orbital rim or lash line eyelid area. This is not recommended with aluminum oxide because you should not get aluminum oxide in your mouth nose or eyes. Although its toxicity is not known, it is a well documented irritant. As a matter of fact, the MSDS Sheet (Materials Safety Data Sheet) for aluminum oxide says "In case of contact with the eyes immediately flush with water for 15 minutes and get medical attention." Some patients are sensitive and can get skin irritation from this aluminum oxide as well. When you are pregnant you no longer need to postpone many skin care treatments because the Dermaglide® Natural Microdermabrasion System with baking soda is safe during pregnancy!

The Dermaglide® Microdermabrasion system is a process which uses sodium bicarbonate in a special crystalline formulation and safely sprays it in a controlled stream onto the skin's surface exfoliating and vacuuming up the dead skin cells and crystals. A diamond tip is also used for some patients that need it. This process is very invigorating to the skin stimulating blood flow to the dermis and collagen formation which helps you achieve skin tightening without a face lift! The best effect is achieved with a series of treatments which takes about 20-30 minutes however the invigorating feeling is immediate. The natural sodium bicarbonate is safe and can be used around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Often microdermabrasion is combined with other skin care treatments such as the Isolaz acne and pore cleansing laser also available at Federal Way Laser Surgeons. The Dermaglide® natural microdermabrasion system helps to soften the plugged pores complimenting the Isolaz treatment for some patients. It treats fine scars, unwanted pigmentation for all skin types and generalized irregularities in the epidermal layer.

Absolutely! Microdermabrasion works wonders on the back, neck, décolletage and hands. Come on in to Federal Way Laser Surgeons and we will give you a complimentary skin consultation with our professional staff of medical aestheticians, physicians and surgeons. Let us customize a treatment plan that meets your skin care needs and budget as well.

Microdermabrasion is very affordable. There are many systems for microdermabrasion and you need to compare "apples to apples" They are either medical grade or aesthetic grade. At Federal Way Laser Surgeons we chose the Dermaglide Natural Microdermabrasion System because it is 100% natural and is MEDICAL GRADE. We at Federal Way Laser Surgeons offer this premium treatment system at a very affordable price.

If you want to experience a wonderful invigorating skin treatment that is 100% natural, give Federal Way Laser Surgeons a call for a free demonstration and a complimentary skin care analysis.

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