PinPointe Toenail Fungus Laser

PinPointe Laser for Treatment of Black Toenails

Federal Way Laser Surgeons has the new PinPointe Laser. The PinPointe laser is an FDA approved laser to treat toenail  fungus and nail fungus. Black toes are ugly and can be debilitating. Nail fungus begins when the toe nail or fingernails become traumatized. Breaking the cuticle opens up the nail for fungal infection. The nail fungus eats the cuticle and imbeds in the toenail causing black fingernails and black toenails. The reason that the nail is black or brown is because that is the color of the fungus. Lasers work by being attracted and absorbed by pigment.  When the pigment absorbs the laser energy it is destroyed by the thermal or heat energy.


PinPointe Laser Targets Black Toenail Fungus

We are familiar with laser hair removal and laser age spot removal at Federal Way Laser Surgeons. Dark hair and brown spots on the face and skin can be removed with lasers because of the pigment that is within the hair follicle and melanocytes of the skin.  This is what makes the PinPointe laser so effective. The PinPointe laser utilizes the correct wavelength and spot size to effectively target the pigment in the black nail fungus. The beauty of the PinPointe Laser is that it performs laser toenail fungus removal in one 20 minute appointment.


PinPointe Laser FDA Approved for Toenail FungusTreatment

Unlike non FDA approved lasers for toenail fungus treatment,  multiple treatments are not required. Some laser centers are charging less but using the incorrect settings, essentially having the patient come 15 to 20 times administering the wrong spot size because they do not have the PinPointe Laser. Do not be fooled by Groupon or Living Social deals to treat toenail fungus. Often the deal price is for only one foot. 

Buyer beware when you are looking for the best toenail fungus treatment. Only the PinPointe Laser now at Federal Way Laser Surgeons effectively treats onychomycosis or toenail fungus The PinPointe toenail fungus laser is anFDA approved laser to treat black toenails in one treatment.


Laser Treatment for Black Toes

Home remedies on the Internet are abundant for toenail fungus but are ineffective. Listerine mouthwash to treat toenail fungus does not work.  Black toes and black fingernails are now treatable at Federal Way Laser Surgeons. Not all black toes should be treated with a laser. There are certain dermatological conditions that can cause black toenails and this may not be treatable with a laser. Dr. Sabbagh at Federal Way Laser Surgeons works closely with Dr. Philp, a double boarded cosmetic dermatologist in Federal Way.  Dr. Sabbagh along with her dermatological team at Federal Way Laser Surgeons will perform a full examination and determine if the PinPointe laser is right for you. 


Home Maintenance After Toenail Laser Treatment

Once you have had your toenail laser treatment for black toenails, the knowledgable team at Federal Way Laser Surgeons will review how to take care of your treated toenails. You will be given instructions for foot care. Clean socks daily are important for success as well as clean dry shoes. This helps minimize reinfection with toenail fungus.

Any questions you may have you always can call Federal Way Laser Surgeons and our friendly and knowledgable staff will assist you. 


Toenail Fungus Spreads to Fingernails

Often people with ugly toenail fungus have fingernail fungus as well. This occurs when the toes are picked or touched and self infection occurs directly into the fingernail. the PinPointe laser effectively targets fingernail fungus as well.


Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus begins with subtle signs and symptoms involving distortions in the shape of the toenail or crumbling toenails. The toenails or fingernails may become thickened and begin to have signs of yellow or white spots.  The toenails may hurt and have bad smelling debris building up under the nails. Finally, if nothing is done to control the onychomycosis or toenail fungus, the nail can become separated and thickened. Disfigurement can lead to more serious conditions. 


Causes of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is quite common. Our feet are often confined to hot sweaty shoes and socks which makes for a perfect breeding ground for the nail fungus. Fungus does not need sunlight to thrive. The shoes and toes are the perfect combination for the proliferation of the dermatophyte overgrowth. Dermatophytes are the group of fungi that cause foot fungus. The fungus once it enters around the toenail or fingernails has an endless supply of nourishment in the form of the nail beds and cuticle. 


Black Toenail Treatment with Oral Medicine

Toenail fungus loves the dark moist environment of the feet. When oral medicine is taken to combat the fungus, the optimal environment  Makes oral medication an ongoing challenge. This is one reason that the toenail fungus is so hard to control with daily oral medicine as well as topical medicine alone.  With ongoing daily use of oral medication to control the toenail fungus, additionally, certain medicines, adverse side effects can effect the liver. This can be a problem for individuals suffering from compromised liver function. 


Complications of Toenail Fungus

The following are complications of untreated toenail fungus:

  • Pain
  • Disfigurement of the toes
  • Cellulitis

Certain diseases make people more susceptible to the more serious complications of toenail fungus. Diabetes compromises circulation in the feet. With circulatory impairment the toenail fungus gets worse. People with immune suppression also have worsened toenail fungus. AIDS and leukemia are immune compromising illnesses. The feet need to be kept free of injury and toenail fungus if you have diabetes, AIDS or leukemia. Psoriasis is another disease which can worsen toenail fungus. If you have any of the above mentioned illnesses, discuss with your physician good foot care. Dermatologists partnered with Federal Way Laser Surgeons are always available to answer any of your personal questions regarding your foot care and treatment of toenail fungus. 


Five Reasons to Treat Toenail Fungus With PinPointe Toenail Fungus Laser

PinPointe Toenail Laser One Easy Treatment

Unlike off label laser toenail treatments, the PinPointe laser is one 20-30 minute treatment. Once it is determined that you have toenail fungus by a complimentary examination by the expert cosmetic dermatology team at federal Way Laser Surgeons, the PinPointe laser is specifically designed for optimal treatment. If you hear that a toenail treatment center is advising several treatments, they are not using the right laser. Often due to the cost of upgrading laser technology, clinics compromise by attempting to treat toenail fungus with a non FDA approved laser. Usually these are hair removal lasers and they are manipulating the settings to approximate the PinPointe laser technology.  Do not waste your time or money on these ineffective treatments. Call Federal Way Laser Surgeons today for a complimentary appointment to see if you have toenail fungus. Why suffer anymore?  Call 253-941-1144 or request an appointment online.


PinPointe Toenail Laser is Safe

Oral medications often require daily dosing for the rest of your life.  These drugs have untoward side effects for some patients requiring monitoring of liver function especially if you suffer from liver disease or diabetes. The PinPointe laser specifically targets and kills the toenail fungus at the site. The PinPointe Toenail laser is painless.


PinPointe Laser is Cost Effective

For one treatment you can be rid of advanced toenail fungus. Good foot care is reviewed with you by the expert staff at Federal Way Laser Surgeons and you will be on your way to beautiful feet again. Enjoy the freedom of sandals like you once did. Put life with black toenails in the past. Watch as your new toenail growth is healthy and vibrant. 


PinPointe Laser for Toenail Fungus is Painless

Painless laser toenail treatments are now part of Federal Way Laser Surgeons. Your toenail fungus treatment includes cool toenail trimming with a spa like feel. This toenail debridement allows for a more effective penetration of the laser. You will hardly know your toenails are being treated with a laser. The fine pinpoint of the PinPointe laser allows for accurate obliteration of the pesky fungus that lives in the remote cuticle and nail bed. Our skilled laser surgeon team understands the importance of proper use of the toenail laser for maximum success with a painless result! When used properly, the laser does not burn or cause discomfort. Call today 253-941-1144 and learn how the PinPointe laser can help you be rid of your black toes!


PinPointe Laser at Federal Way Laser Surgeons is Affordable

Federal Way Laser Surgeons located in Federal Way just 20 minutes from Seattle and Bellevue, is covered on your company's FLEX plan.  Additionally Federal Way Laser Surgeons have payment options for those who qualify. Mention PROMO CODE HEALTHY FEET and receive an additional 20% off your treatment.  We at Federal Way Laser Surgeons are committed to education for long lasting success!


Feel free to call today for a complimentary consultation for your foot fungus.